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Let me give you a quick brief on the business opportunity with USANA Health Sciences.

Would you like to be a Pioneer partnering with an established network marketing company and you can work from home without doing face-to-face selling?

Every business opportunity makes it sound too good to be true!

Well, DON'T Believe a single word I say, read on, explore for yourself and decide for yourself. Fair?

This is a Network Marketing business WITH A DIFFERENCE!

     Difference #1 : Our team uses the Internet to do this business.
     Difference #2 : You are marketing proven, high quality products.
     Difference #3 : You are partnering an established company.


MOST importantly, USANA is launching in Philippines on 19 January 2009.


DIFFERENCE #1: Our team uses the Internet to do this business.

There is a saying in the industry

     - Amateurs Networkers look at the product. (i.e. the product must be good)

     - Seasoned Networkers look at the payplan. (i.e . the pay plan must pay well)

     - Leaders (those who make good money) look at the duplicatable system.

System = Prospecting System + Training System

Traditionally, this business is being done by:
- pestering friends
- attend daily night meetings
- spend money on hotel meetings
- approaching friends only

Using the Internet, you don't have to do the above and you can this business throughout the whole of Philippines (and even Internationally) from your home.

We do our prospecting online; we do our training online (via web conference) and we have proven that this business can be build anywhere in the world.

Do you have half-an-hour OR one hour a day to build your Passive Income business? If yes, this opportunity is for you! Read on!



DIFFERENCE #2: You are marketing proven, high quality products

In the US, there are 3 lines of products (Nutritionals, Skin Care and Weight management). The company will launch only their Nutritionals during the initial months in Philippines. More products will be introduced later.

Their strongest product is their award winning multi-vitamin. This is designed by Dr Myron Wentz who has 20+ years of experience working with human cells. There are strong third-party reviews that ranked our products as #1 in North America above companies like (21st Century, Amway, Nuskin, Herbalife, Centrum)

Do you want to stay healthy while creating wealth? If yes, this opportunity is for you! Read on.



DIFFERENCE #3: You are partnering an established company.


The company we are partnering is USANA Health Sciences.

This is a 17 years old US-based company that is publicly traded.

Prestigious financial magazines like Forbes and BusinessWeeks have ranked this company as top 20 for 3 years now.

This company has also been voted as Best Network Marketing company for the past 10 years by Network Marketing Times.

Our leader is 1-Star Diamond Director, Mr Robert Allen. He is also a New-York Times best selling author who earns 61 million last year in his many businesses. And he said, "This is the best business he have seen in 20 years"

Do you want to partner up with our winning team to grow the business together? If yes, here's the deal...


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in Philippines on
19 Jan 2009

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In another words, this is YOUR chance to be a PIONEER distributor and ride on the growth of this company which is starting in Philippines..

Since November till now, there are close to 1000 USANA Philippines Pioneers who have pre-enrolled themselves.

Everyday! There are HUNDREDs of Filipinos who register at this website. Remember you don't have to believe me, seeing is believing. (statistics from our advertising site)

However, we have only limited resources to help everyone explore this business.

If you are serious in growing a massive business with our team and will like to be in the priortiy queue to be contacted first, click on the button below RIGHT NOW!

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